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George Patton once said the following famous quote: "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking". With this being said, what do you think are couple other major challenges are for a management team if they think alike and what would you recommend to overcome the similarities of ideas?

Reference no: EM1332369

What makes a country want to join wto

What makes a country want to join WTO? What does a country need to do to get accepted into the WTO? Was the admission of China to the WTO a good move or not? Why? Will th

Is there such a thing as a global consumer

Is there such a thing as a global consumer? If so, how can they be described?  Base your comments on material in the text and be sure to interact/comment on your peers.

How to recruit select millennial engaged in the workplace

Write a paper based on the following points: Characteristics of Millennial individuals in the Workplace. How to recruit, select, and keep Millennial engaged in the workpla

Large increase in the demand for export

Assume that there is a large increase in the demand for export. Show the resulting short-run equilibrium on your graph. In this short-runequilibrium, is the unemployment rat

Operational face and filter velocities

As a continuation of our course project due in Unit VIII, A Permit By Rule (PBR) Application for an Interior Surface Coating Facility, complete the next section, "Operationa

Countries members of the imf

Identify three major countries with which your chosen company operates. Preferably, the three countries are in different continents. Are these three countries members of the

Determine the organizations competitive position

Assess the structure of the organization and the influence this has on its performance. Determine the organization's competitive position and the possibilities this provides.

Describes differences between formal and informal research

Write a paper that describes the differences between formal and informal research. What are the benefits and the drawbacks? Provide examples of when might you use each type


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