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T or F: Unions seek to give equity and voice a place in decisions that might otherwise be driven by efficiency.

T or F: In the U.S., the default policy for the employment relationship is the employment-at-will doctrine; but, federal policy also encourages the use of collective bargaining which limits it.

T or F:  Property rights are a major basis for management’s authority and control.

T or F: Overall union density has decreased since the 1970s because the private sector growth has increased while the public sector membership has declined.

T or F: The National Labor Relations Act applies to non-union companies.

T or F: Current U.S. labor law is based on the assumption that a balance between management’s and labor’s power benefits society in general.

T or F: As the primary union in the U.S., the key function of the AFL-CIO is to negotiate contracts.

T or F: The Mainstream Economics school of thought about labor relations relies on free-market competition to determine the price of labor; and, as such, sees unions as interference in that process.

Reference no: EM131434438

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