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Jackie is hiring Ron to do clean up and maintenance as an independent contractor for her building which has several tenants. She is aware that Ron has sued some previous building owners. He does a good job, however, and she would like to hire him. Ron has agreed to sign an arbitration agreement. How should Jackie structure the agreement so that it will be enforced?

Reference no: EM131029260

Explain how do service givers with which you are familiar

Explain how do service givers with which you are familiar manage queues. Explain how effective have they been at managing queues. Is appropriate method for managing queues c

Energy wastage in university

Energy wastage in university: Propose a management plan for improving the university’s environmental sustainability with respect to energy wastage. Identify energy wastage iss

Explain how the company integrates iso 14000 standards

Write a brief 2-3 sentence introduction simply describing what Nissan has going on and what we are going to review. ...Nissan, like most companies, has explored the use of

How can project manager balancing the code of conduct

how can project manager Balancing the code of conduct of both the firm and the client company.? how can project manager Respecting the time zones of employees across the count

Explain what is aggregated clinical data

You have been asked as an information technology (IT) expert to discuss the need and desire for aggregated clinical data and aggregated administrative data within an EHR sys

Checking the number of monthly complaints

A city police chief decides to do an annual review of the police department by checking the number of monthly complaints. If the total number of complaints in each of the 12 m

What are the characteristics of transformational leader

What are the characteristics of a transformational leader. How do they transform their followers? Select someone that you believe to be a transformational leader, and illustra

What is the reference price for improved product

Old Product is sold at $5 and Improved Product delivers $2 more in value to customers than Old Product. Improved Product cost $3 per unit to make. What is the reference price


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