Maintaining the liability and breach of contract

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Matt and Peter are minors in their jurisdiction. Their parents agree that, on a trial basis, the can be "independent" and live away from home. Matt and Peter find an apartment their part time jobs can pay for. On their own, they enter into a one year lease and pay the first month's rent in advance. However, they fail to pay the second month's rent. And at the end of the second month, they move back home. The landlord sues them and their parents for breach of contract. What result?

a) the liability of the minors for the full year's lease and for the months that they lived in the apartment -- the month that they paid for and the month that they did not pay for; and

b) the liability of their parents. Assume that the parents did not sign the lease nor did they change the locks to prevent their sons from returning home.

Reference no: EM1326405

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