Maintaining terrestrial and atmospheric resources
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Maintaining Terrestrial and Atmospheric Resources" of Gamescape

As Newly elected Mayor of Sparksville, the town's citizens are eager to hear what you plan on doing to promote the local economy while maintaining a high level of environmental air quality.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word speech for a Town Hall Meeting that addresses the following points:

  • State the current economic situation and the three choices that were available to the town of Sparksville.
  • Discuss how these three choices would impact water pollution and indoor and outdoor air pollution. Explain how each of the three choices could be a point and non-source of water and air pollution.
  • Describe how the air and water pollution generated from these sources can impact the health of Sparksville's citizens, the local ecosystem, and the local economy. Include some potential solutions.
  • Explain why your decision addresses the key environmental challenges and is the optimal choice given this situation.
  • Include two outside references to support your main points. One reference should be an academic journal found at the University's library.

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