Main challenges of managing a fresh water resource

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water sustainability plan

  1. 1. Develop a water sustainability plan for your city, hometown, or neighborhood. The plan should include sources of pollution and ways in which you plan on addressing these sources. Present your plan to the local city council.
  2. Develop a 7-10 slide PowerPoint Presentation to present the sustainability plan. Include the following in your presentation: 500 words.
  • An introduction that identifies the main challenges of managing a fresh water resource in your home town or city.
  •  State the activities that have impacted this local fresh water supply. Include the name of the lake or river, the specific pollution sources, and the pollutants in your presentation. Describe how these pollutants have impacted (or could impact) human health, plants, and wildlife.
  •  Present a plan to clean up this pollution source, prevent future pollution, and to ensure that the water source is not overdrawn enabling long-tem use. Include specific methods from your research.
  • Identify at least three stakeholders in your plan (community residents, local government, businesses, non-profit organizations, etc.). Describe the local government policy that you will need in order to carry out your plan. And the role of each of the three stakeholders in ensuring that the water is used sustainably.

Reference no: EM13772075

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