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The magnetic circuit of figure has two windings and two air gaps. The core can be assumed to be of infinite permeability. The core dimensions are indicated in the figure.

a. Assuming coil 1 to be carrying a current Il and the current in coil 2 to be zero, calculate (i) the magnetic flux density in each of the air gaps, (ii) the flux linkage of winding l, and (iii) the flux linkage of winding 2.

b. Repeat part (a), assuming zero current in winding 1 and a current I2 in winding 2.

c. Repeat part (a), assuming the current in winding 1 to be I1 and the current in winding 2 to be 12.

d. Find the self-inductances of windings 1 and 2 and the mutual inductance between thewindings.

Reference no: EM13877118

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