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Your roommate is sold on "magnet therapy" a sham treatment using small bar magnets attached to the body. You sceptically ask your roommate how this is supposed to work. He mumbles something about the Hall Effect speeding blood flow. In reply, you estimate the Hall potential associated with typical blood parameters in the 100-G field of a bar magnet: red blood cells carrying 2-pC charge in a 12-cm/s flow through a 3.0-mm-diameter blood vessel containing 5 billion red blood cells per mL. To show that the Hall potential is negligible, you compare your estimate with the tens of mV typical of bioelectric activity. How do the two values compare?

Reference no: EM13656452

Determine the entropy change of the gas in the process

A 1.00-mol sample of a diatomic ideal gas, initially having pressurePand volumeV, expands so as to have pressure 2Pand volume 2V. Determine the entropy change of the gas in

Determine the force constant k of the spring

A 5.50 x 105 kg subway train is brought to a stop from a speed of 0.600 m/s in 0.900 m by a large spring bumper at the end of its track. What is the force constant k of the

What is ball''s speed at the lowest point

When in deep space, the block accelerates at 4.2 m/s^2 even as a 120 N force is applied to it. The coefficient of static friction for a particular plane and this block is 0.31

Net electric field at origin due to these two point charges

A point charge q1 = -4.00 nC is at the point x = 0.60 m, y = 0.80 m, and a second point charge q2 = +6.00 nC is at the point x = 0.60 m, y = 0. Compute the magnitude of the ne

Find the pressure at the oil-water interface in the left arm

A second oil is then poured into the right arm until the two levels are even. A small object (density 0.640 g/cm3 ) is dropped into the second column of oil and it is found

The pressure inside a bottle of champagne

The pressure inside a bottle of champagne is 4.34 atm higher than the air pressure outside. The neck of the bottle has an inner radius of 1.10 cm. What is the frictional force

Find what maximum height will the masses slide

A 3 kilogram mass is sliding on a horizontal frictionless surface with a speed of 3m/s when it collides with a 1.0 kilogram mass initially at rest. Find to what maximum heig

What is freefall acceleration on this moon

A gun shoots bullets that leave the muzzle with a speed of 336 m/s. If a bullet is to hit a target 136 m away at the level of the muzzle, the gun has to be aimed at a point ab


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