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Dr. and Mrs. Smith (Smith) were collectors of Chevrolet Corvettes. The Smiths saw an article in Vette Vues magazine concerning a new limited-edition Corvette. The limited edition was designed to commemorate the selection of the Corvette as the official pace car of the Indianapolis 500. Chevrolet was manufacturing only 6,000 of these pace cars. The Smiths visited Charlie’s Chevrolet, Inc. (Charlie’s), a local Chevrolet dealer. Charlie’s was to receive only one limited-edition car, which the sales manager agreed to sell to the Smiths for the sticker price of $15,000. When the Smiths went to pick up and pay for the car, they were told that because of the great demand for the limited edition, it was going to be auctioned to the highest bidder. The Smiths sued the dealership for specific performance.

Who wins? Explain.

Reference no: EM132233705

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