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That intuition is indeed a result of our past experiences. So, Class, in your organization when are decisions acceptable to be made on intuition vs. quantitative analysis? What approach does senior management expect? What approach does your manager expect? If you are a manager, what approach do you expect from your employees?

Reference no: EM131137040

What is the difference between efficiency and effectiveness

What is the difference between Efficiency and Effectiveness? Who in the organization is typically more responsible for achieving Efficiency vs. achieving Effectiveness – and w

Create an example inventory list

The warehouse manager asked you to create an example inventory list for his staff. The inventory list is a comprehensive chart that lists all of the company's internal resou

Struggled with the decision to offer violent online games

The CanGo managers engaged in such a debate as they struggled with the decision to offer violent online games as part of their product mix. Whatever decision the managers reac

Security dealer recommends two types of investments

A security dealer recommends two types of investments A and B to his client Investment A returns 6% and B 8%.The client has almost Rs 100000 to invest. The client wants the to

Explain the customs service responsibilities

Just for fun, what is the history of the ward Tariff? The Four-Step Entry Process - Please, explain each step and the responsibilities associated with   the Owner. What is the

Consider total cost to consist of purchasing costs

Dexter Inc. is concerned that this new policy might hurt its own profit margins on the Left Handed Monkey Wrench. They will undertake an analysis to help them better understan

Strategy for the monastery''s coffee operations

What recommendations would you make to Father Daniel Mary in terms of crafting and executing strategy for the monastery's coffee operations. Are changed needed in its long-t

Technology solutions from strategic and tactical perspective

Analyze the evolution of information technology solutions from a strategic and tactical perspective, address the business pressures in digital firms. what communication style


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