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A ________ shall not be made for the appointment of two or more persons as directors of the company by single resolution in any general meeting of public company, unless resolution has been agreed by meeting without any vote being given against it.

Reference no: EM13988268

Analysis of the costs and benefits

Present a local environmental issue or problem ,a solution or solutions to the problem, an analysis of the associated costs and benefits of the solutions and a determination

How does your culture affect your communication

Share these cultural pieces with us in this Discussion. Try to not focus on just one aspect of yourself, but try to utilize as many cultural elements as possible. Also, addr

Difference between values and attitudes

Describe the difference between values and attitudes. What are the factors that influence values and attitudes in children? In what ways are values and attitudes embedded in a

Determine what you believe to be the top two securityconcern

"Security Policies and Procedures and Big Data"  Please respond to the following: 1. Analyze an organization's security policies and procedures, and provide an opinion of whet

Do you think we should increase nasas budget

Do you think we should increase NASA's budget, but perhaps the same money could be put to better use elsewhere? If you think it is better used elsewhere, what is the U.S.'s

Emile durkheim defined social facts

Emile Durkheim defined social facts as. In examining patterns of courtship and marriage, sociologists would emphasize which of the following in shaping a couple%u2019s decisi

Talk about the fourth meditation argument

Talk about the Fourth Meditation argument about the source of error and why it helps to show that God is not a deceiver. The “Method of Doubt” including all three of the doubt

Definition of multiple disabilities significant to education

Compare and contrast the future between individuals without disabilities and the future of individuals with PHI. Explain your response. What evidence do you have to support


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