Lower threat of substitutes makes industry more attractive

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Your business plan's section on market research must include a section on the competition. True False

A lower threat of substitutes makes an industry more attractive. True False ?

A competitive advantage must be sustainable over time to remain a benefit. True False

The SBDCs are good sources of assistance with your business plan. True False

Franchisees have to pay indirectly for the marketing and advertising of their business. True False

Your business plan's section on market research must include a section on the competition. True False 

Reference no: EM131040392

Define what is meant by the stakeholder approach

“Stakeholder Approach” to managing organizations: Define what is meant by the “Stakeholder Approach” to management. Define and explain the three major components of the Stakeh

Produce greater long-term overall economic consequences

What role, if any, should the principle of loyalty play in business decisions? Assume that the foreign trade will produce greater long-term overall economic consequences. Is i

Leadership self-assessment

Leadership Self-Assessment, Revisited Last week you conducted a personal assessment of your leadership potential and began thinking about your own plan for improving you leade

Acquisition of application specific software

Why would you need procurement options, include: build it yourself, license and modify, and outsource to an application service provider, when contemplating the acquisition of

Calculate the allowable standard deviation

Rachel loves to bake cookies, but she has an old oven that has trouble maintaining a constant temperature. if the acceptable temperature range for making the cookies is 350 pl

Elucidate market value and maturity year

Bonds have a 10% annual coupon, $1,000 face value, $1,050 market value also 10-year maturity. Beta on stock is 1.30 also its price per share is $40. Riskless return is 6%, e

What is whistle blowing

What is whistle blowing, and why is it important to the study of business ethics? Provide details. Discuss the reasons why an employee would refrain from reporting potential

Until recently has experienced rapid growth

Harold Frankson is the CEO of Frankson Inc., a privately owned, medium-sized manufacturing company. The company is 17 years old, and until recently has experienced rapid growt


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