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Insurance - In order for the law of large numbers to work, the pooled exposures must have approximately the same probability of loss (that is, it must follow the same probability distribution). Discuss the design of an insurance policy for insuring cars using the law of large numbers. Include in your summary why insurers rely on the law of large numbers. Include in your policy the importance of identifying the likely risk associated with each customer and categorizing your customers into lower-risk or higher-risk insurance pools. Besides safe driving, what other factors contribute to this less risky pool - in other words, how can your company identify risky drivers?

Reference no: EM13821459

How much is insurance expense for the period under the

Sarah Jones, a masonry contractor, recently purchased a load of bricks to use in constructing a fireplace in her own home.If she charged the cost to her business, this would c

Investment analysis problems

The largest retail brokerage company in the United State, America's Best Investment Company, has hired you to advise clients on investments and to meet their individual financ

Total long-term debt and total liabilities

a. What were Wallace's total long-term debt and total liabilities in 2013? b. How much new long-term debt financing will be needed in 2014? (Hint: AFN - New stock = New long-t

Identify the return on equity for the last two years

FINANCE 571- Analyze the Return on Equity (ROE) for the last 2 years using the DuPont method. Compare the three companies and their strategies for managing their working capit

Calculate the flexed budget

Calculate the flexed budget and the key variances between budgeted and actual results. Reconcile the original budget and present the relationship between the budgeted and the

Conduct a comparative basel disclosure analysis

Conduct a comparative Basel disclosure analysis. Are there commonalities between the two bank risk factor disclosures? Analyze and explain. Conduct a comparative 10K disclosur

What percentage of the firm will you own after the ipo

Your investment banker advises you that the prices of other recent IPOs have been set such that the P/E ratios based on 2007 forecasted earnings average 20.0. Assuming that yo

Future fund value of an ordinary annuity

Determine its mean if the investment sales literature states that the future fund value of an ordinary annuity is determined using the simple interest formula method?


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