Loss of heat into the surroundings

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If 1.10 g of steam at 100.0 C condenses into 38.5 g of water, initially at 27.0 C, in an insulated container, what is the final temperature of the entire water sample? Assume no loss of heat into the surroundings

Reference no: EM131409499

Maternity and delivery care

What are some of the different modifiers that could be used with the procedures within the Digestive, Urinary, Male Genital, Reproductive Systems, and Maternity and Delivery

Find the genetic distances between the three genes

Drosophila strain Ly (Lyra), Sb(stubble) and br (brown) wascrossed with a wild type strain. The F1 females were crossedto + ,+, br homozygous males. The F2 were collected an

Explain the significance of the f2 ratios

Explain the significance of the F2 ratios Mendel obtained: why are all the ratios close to 3:1? Choose one of the traits he examined and show a Punnett square of the F2 gene

President obama''s administration

1. After almost seven years of President Obama's administration, how has the U.S. economy's "variety" changed?2. Has President Obama's promise to "transform America" included

Define the abbreviation luq

The genetic structures located within the nucleus of each cell are known as_________________. These structures are made up of the DNA molecules containing the body's genes.

State pepsin is an enzyme that breaks down protein

How would you test an unknown solution for: (a) sugar (b)fat (c) starch (d) protein? 2) Although pepsin is an enzyme that breaks down protein, a test for peptides is negative.

What are the 3 main types of glial cells

What are the 3 main types of glial cells, and what is the main function of each? Glia outnumber neurons in the brain, yet neurons are the predominant focus of neuroscience

Terms of polarity and tonicity

If instead of making an energy drink, you come up with an energy injection, how would that affect the ingredients you put into the shot? Think in terms of polarity and tonic


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