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1000 words you need to look at the unit plan I send you and answer the following 4 questions. Note: you must look at Australian curriculum only.

This is from the assessment pages Obtain a copy of a unit plan (subject specific or integrated) that underpins the teaching and learning taking place throughout your placement.

• This must be included in the appendix of your assessment task.
• In your critique, you are required to consider the following:

1. the curriculum model (or variations of these) that has been used
2. the strengths
3. the limitations (Refer back to week 5 of the learning materials)
4. the changes you would make and the rationale for these changes.

  • ensure that you support your ideas with literature.

These are just thing that my teacher said that can be used for changes.
Student engagement

Are they achieving the outcomes (what can I do to achieving the outcomes)

  • Adjustment (for low ability)
  • Extension (for high ability)
  • Marking guide for this

An insightful and well-articulated critique has been provided that demonstrates a sophisticated and accurate understanding of the model being used, alongside the key strengths and limitations of the plan. A thoughtfully considered and well-justified discussion has been included outlining the key changes that the student would make to improve the plan. The critique is well-supported with relevant and meaningful academic literature.

Reference no: EM131056073

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