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Tribke Enterprises collected the following data from its financial reports for 2012:

Stock Price $18.37

Inventory balance $300,000

Expenses (excluding COGS) $1,120,000

Shares outstanding 290,000

Average issue price of shares $5.00

Gross Margin % 40%

Interest ratio 8%

TIE ratio 8

inventory turnover 12 X

current ratio 1.5

quick ratio .75

fixed asset turnover 1.5

Set up an income statement that includes revenue, COGS, GM, EBIT, EBT and EAT. Set up a balance sheet that includes current assets, fixed assets, total assets, current liabilities, long-term debt, equity (paid in capital) and retained earnings, total equity, and total liabilities and equity.

Reference no: EM13877944

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