Logistics feasibility within the supply chain

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The CCC operating expenses are mainly diesel, spare parts, tires and lubricants as well as the human resources. Fuel (diesel) is used as consignment stock, but the average monthly consumption is around 2,250,000 to 2,500,000 US dollars.

Currently, the company goal is to reduce operating costs to be competitive in the local market and enable its customers which are mainly mining companies to compete on the international market of copper and cobalt, their main finished products.

Actually, CCC suppliers for spare parts and tires are mainly external (foreign) suppliers. Therefore, the cost of spare parts is sometimes increased by customs fees for which import duties are enormous for a country whose customs tax constitutes the largest part of its incomes. This state of affairs certainly has much influence on the supply chain and inventory management of CCC. Since the CCC's inventory value consists to 90% of imported items, its supply chain worth special attention for efficient inventory management.

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Topic selected for the research work lies in analysing the factors of risk existing in supply chain and their impact on the inventory management in the chosen organisation.

Rationale of the Topic: Supply chain management helps an organization obtain efficiency and effectiveness in its procurement process as well as helps attain logistics feasibility within the supply chain.

What is the central research question here - what is the focus of the research?

Across the globe, companies in all sectors have acknowledged the important of measuring various factors that hamper the successful sustainable attainment of supply chain management. This precisely is also inclusive of several risk factors such as inadequate labour supply, inadequate knowledge, human resource ineffectiveness, environmental behaviour, cultural behaviour, administration system and even improper management of supply chain related project. From this perspective, the reason to understand the risks present in supply chain till to inventory management becomes evident.

Aims: To explore the risk based factors hampering the efficiency in the supply chain and inventory management. So the basic and main aim of this project will be centred to observing the ways and methods the company can use to reduce lead time, its cost, minimize risk, manage its supply chain for an efficient inventory management. In order to conduct this research, the case study of CCC will be considered.

What facts or information will you need to gather? How will you access these?

The preferred research will be done by analysing the data related to supply chain at CCC. Data will be needed in the form of primary and secondary research. Primary will be through interviews and surveys and secondary will be through journal articles across several journal sources such as IEEE explore, Solar library etc.

To which subject area(s) is this proposal - in your view - most strongly related?

The subject area the proposal is strongly related to is Supply chain logistics management sustainability, Inventory Management, logistics, planning, sourcing, procurement, suppliers management, and risk management, There are various other responsibilities that leaders/companies must take action on- planning, distribution, logistics, sourcing, merger, acquisition, analytics, performance measurement etc.

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Reference no: EM13754983

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