Logarithmic functions-earthquakes and richter scale

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The intensity level of an earthquake is based on the Richter scale. Using logarithms, the Richter scale measures an earthquake relative to (as a ratio of) the weakest possible tremor.

List the following information in your response:

What is the formula for measuring earthquakes?

Why is a 7.0 earthquake ten times stronger than a 6.0 earthquake?

Pick an earthquake in your region of the world.

Give the measurement of the earthquake.

Explain what this measurement means.

Reference no: EM13120954

Significance test for hypothesis for same population mean

Carry out a significance test for the hypothesis that the two tests have the same population mean. Give the P-value and state your conclusions.

Use critical value method to find evidence

Is there evidence that mean dimension is not 221 mm? Suppose population is normally distributed. Use a=0.05 and critical value method.

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In a randomized clinical trial of timolol vs. placebo in patients surviving acute myocardial infarction, the total deaths at an average of 24 months after treatment were fou

Creating confidence interval for proportion of adults

Election poll reported that applicant had n approval rating 31% with margin of error E of 4%. Create a confidence interval for proportion of adults who approved of applicant

Fuel economy calculations to be altered

In an article entitled "Fuel Economy Calculations to Be Altered," James R. Healey indicated that the government planned to change how it calculates fuel economy for new cars

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Which act to book. You are on the student concert committee. The choice of which act to book is the responsibility of your committee. What kind of data would you collect to

Strengths and weaknesses of methods

To demonstrate causation, investigators have used (i) natural experiments, (ii) randomized controlled experiments, and (iii) regression models, among other methods. What are

Find the cumulative distribution function

Find the cumulative distribution function.- Find the probability that at most four additional hours are slept.- Find the probability that at least two additional hours are sle


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