Locations of the current plants with their coordinates

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A crossdock is being planned that will feed parts to three manufacturing facilities. The locations of the current plants with their coordinates and volume requirements are given in the following table. Use the centroid method to determine the optimal location for this crossdock. Please clearly mark your x and y answer at the top. . Plant location Coordinates(x,y) Volume (parts/year) A 55,20 5000 B 37,40 7000 C 80,90 1000

Reference no: EM131231932

Distribution industry impacting consumer life as customer

How is technology being used in the distribution industry impacting your consumer life as a customer? Why? What common themes are you seeing by technology being used in the di

Mid-size fashion garments distribution organization

Please assume that you are managing a mid-size fashion garments distribution organization, called “KBD Fashion” with 5,000 employees in total working in five major cities (Tor

Explain general analytical skills for project evaluation

Explain general analytical skills for project evaluation including analysis of projects with economic, financial, risk and decision analysis. Experience in business case devel

Standard deviation of the demand could be lowered

The Praha Kitchen Appliance Company (The Praha) is about to place its last order for a certain model of a refrigerator. This model will phased out in a few months and will be

What the alignment of your beliefs and values would permit

Describe the actions you must do and the leadership traits you must possess to enable successful change in any organization. Display your Critical thinking about what is neede

Option of investing in product

You have the option of investing in product A or product B or choosing to not invest. You estimate there is a 40% chance you will have an unfavorable market and 60% chance it

Ethics impact business relationships within an organization

How does ethics impact business relationships within an organization? How can leaders and their leadership styles impact the ethical practices within an organization? How does

The most important tasks of management

Please explain why planning is one of the most important tasks of management. ( Please put citations using APA formatting. Please provide reference page at the end of the ques


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