Locate information about several case tools on the web

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You work on the IT team at a local college. You are currently on a project that is enhancing the registration system. You have a student intern who is inexperienced and untrained. The intern has only taken one Information Systems course. Your team lead has asked you to prepare a report about the project. In a 3-5 page report, complete the following: Rubric

• Locate information about several CASE tools on the Web (describe your case tools showing pictures, charts, or graphs of your CASE tools).

• What features do the tools offer that could be beneficial to use in the development of your project? How do you think using them can reduce cycle time and increase quality?

• What are some difficulties that you think the intern might have in trying to develop the information system?

• What basic controls should be included in that system to ensure that students are enrolled in the classes they request?

• What security should be included in the system to prevent inappropriate use of it?

• Use title page, abstract, in-text citations and references in APA style format

Reference no: EM13822828

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