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Select ONE and ONLY ONE article for analysis.o You may locate an English language article from major newspapers, magazines, andnew agencies (for example, The New York Times, the Huffington Post, NationalReview, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, U.S. News and World Report, CNN, NBC, PBS,etc.). Moreover, in this unit, we will be covering how to use ASU Libraries databasesand online catalogs for locating scholarly journal articles. You have the option ofexamining an article from a database, if you locate one of interest to you and thelanguage of the text can be easily deconstructed.o The article can be in print form or digital.o The author of the article must be articulating an argument. He or she must beattempting to persuade or influence an audience in relation to a particular issue.Thus, the author cannot simply be a neutral reporter who offers a briefing of facts.Rather, the author must be making an argumentative claim, providing evidence, andseeking to persuade and influence the opinion of the audience.? Read through and deconstruct your chosen text by looking for the presence of rhetoricalappeals, rhetorical fallacies, different types of evidence provided to support the author'sclaims, the author's attempt to persuade and convince the audience to accept his or heropinion or to view the argument in support of his or her opinion as credible and logical, etc.? Write an essay which (1) identifies and analyzes the major rhetorical strategies in yourarticle as well as (2) provides support for this analysis by using quotations, details, and theactual language from the article as evidence which demonstrates how the rhetorical strategiesare present in the article.o Your unique analysis of your chosen article must be the dominant focus of your paperbecause your claim in the paper will argue that (1) the article is effective orineffective in its rhetorical structure and (2) the author has succeeded or failed incrafting a persuasive, effective argument.o The evidence for your own claim about the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of theauthor's argument will be quotations, language, and evidence from the article.



Reference no: EM13857208

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