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There has been a lot of discussion by politicians, the media, and the public on state and local law enforcement agencies receiving surplus equipment from the Department of Defense through their 1033 program. Do you believe it is appropriate and/or necessary for local and state law enforcement agencies to acquire equipment, at little or no cost, from the Department of Defense, i.e., helicopters, rifles, body armor, helmets, armored vehicles, communication systems, night vision, computers, printers, four-wheel drive vehicles, first aid supplies, etc.? Why or why not? As the chief executive of a law enforcement agency, would you take advantage of this program? Why or why not?

Reference no: EM132234355

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Line authority is a basic type of authority to carry out tasks and give orders related to the organization's primary purpose. Staff authority is the right to advise or assist

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What legal action can klint take against zeitar

Klint Microsystems, a microprocessor manufacturer, was contracted by Zeitar Studios to manufacture specially designed microchips to be used in an audio engineering process. Ze


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