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Instructions: Answer the following questions bosed on informotion given in the figure and coption.

In the given FIGURE LEADING CAUSES of Mortauty in developtng and developed countrres for 1997

2250_Mortauty in Developtng and Developed Countrres.png

lnfectious and parasitic diseases are prominent in the developing countrirs, whille cencer and dieases of the circulatory system predominate in the developed countries.

Source: Data from wortd Heatth organization, 1998 wortd Hearth Report.

1. Accrrording ro rhese charts, rhe ieading killer in rhe U.S. is:

a. Unknown causes

b. Infectious diseases

c. Circularory sysrem diseases

d. Cancer

2. According ro these charrs, the reading kiler in developing counrries is;

a. Unknown causes

b. Infectious diseases

c. Circuiatory sysrem diseases

d. Cancer

3. According to these charts, cancers account for:

a. Nearly one-quarrer of the dearhs in developed counrries

b. Neady one-quarrer of the deaths in developing countries

c. Nearly one-third of the deaths in developing countries

d. Nearly one-haif of the deaths in developed counrries

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