Living organisms are grouped into producer

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Living organisms are grouped into producer, consumer, and decomposer depending on how they get nutrients and energy. Discuss the relationship between producer, consumer, and decomposer and how nutrients flow from one group to the other. What happened if one of the groups is missing in the ecosystem?

Reference no: EM132280253

List two plants from arid environment that have small leaves

List two plants from an arid environment that have very small leaves (relative to plant size). Why would small leaves be beneficial to these plants. List a plant from an ari

Describe three differences between rna and dna

Describe three differences between RNA and DNA with respect to their chemical composition and structure. Provide a detailed description of each characteristics you chose in

Eliminate the essential amino acid phenylalanine from diet

Children with the genetic disease phenylketonuria must consume a low-phenylalanine diet to prevent the accumulation of damaging phenylketones. Why not just eliminate the ess

Contrast health promotion and risk reduction

Compare and contrast health promotion and risk reduction as it would apply to a person with a chronic illness as opposed to a "healthy" person. Describe the healthcare appro

Suggest a procedure to select for mutants with above-normal

Suggest an assay that could distinguish between mutants with above-normal mitochondrial metabolic activity and those with below-normal mitochondrial metabolic activity.

List 6 recognized medicinal uses for marijuana.

Briefly explain conclusions from research for marijuana use and driving.(what kind of impairment from marijuana use might make driving dangerous, what do research reports fr

Find interstitial fluid volume

Question: A patient in your care has a total body water volume of 42 Liters, a hematocrit of 40 percent an extra celllular fluid volume of thirteen liters and a plasma osmolar

Can you think of a way to show positive selection

Selective pressure is often thought to occur within the coding region of a gene but when the sum of Ka/Ks for each position is calculated, no positive selection is shown. Wh


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