Literature review-Large Scale Ground Source Heat Pump System
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Question: Need to write a literature review (approx. 150 words each paper) "Harvard references system".

Part 1: Literature review Ground Source Heat Pumps in Different Climates

Part 2: Literature review: Large Scale Ground Source Heat Pump System.

Each paper approximately 150 words but it is ok (100 - 200 words each paper).

Attached part 1 and part 2.

References should be added to the work.

Writing styles should be as follows example:

Chiasson et al. (2000) analyze the effect of groundwater using a two-dimensional finite element. Chiasson et al. utilize a finite element numerical.

Gehlin and Hellström (2003) investigate the groundwater effect on thermal response test of an infinite borehole using a two-dimensional finite differencemethodwith regular square meshes.The borehole is represented by four squares.

Diao et al. (2004a) study the combined heat transfer by conduction and advection for vertical borehole heat exchangers with an analytical approach. Similar to Chiasson et al. (2000), they use a two-dimensional model of a borehole.

Nam et al. (2008) use a numerical model that combines a heat transport model with groundwater flow to develop a heat exchanger model for ets.

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