List two plants from arid environment that have small leaves

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List two plants from an arid environment that have very small leaves (relative to plant size). Why would small leaves be beneficial to these plants?

List a plant from an arid environment with no leaves - how does it perform photosynthesis?

Reference no: EM13326873

Cellular process and molecules being sensed

Has anyone had the excelsior bio212 discussion assignment titled "waste not, want not"?  It involves making up a fictional operon, the regulatory proteins, cellular process, a

Antibiotic resistant bacteria and antibiotics

Find scientific study that supports the correlation between antibiotic resistant bacteria and antibiotics used in livestock. Write a brief synopsis of the research findings.

Which is not usually an aim of epidemiology

Which of the following is not usually an aim of epidemiology? Which of the following activities characterizes a clinical approach (as opposed to an epidemiologic approach)?

Design a hormone cocktail

If you were to design a hormone cocktail to make you feel youngagain, what components would it contain? What would the positive effects be, and what might the side effects be?

Discuss the different phases of the cell cycle

Discuss the different phases of the cell cycle. At which part of the cell cycle would you expect that a change in regulation could result in cancer? How is the cancer cell cyc

Why an increase in constriction of veins

Why an increase in constriction of veins and an increase in venous return will help to increase his end-diastolic volume and how did epinephrine release from his adrenal medul

Read the overview and launch t

Read the Overview and launch this ecosystem simulator. Familiarize yourself with the simulator interface. Notice that you can control which species are present in your environ

Find probability to develop the disease biology

If your grandfather is a carrier for a rare recessive disease called biology and you know your grandmother and mother, who have married in to your family are NOT carriers,


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