List the specific nutrition issues affecting individuals

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For this project, you will identify a case study and then develop a nutritional care plan for the client associated with that case. Please read this entire document to gain understanding of the project scope and those tasks you will complete.

Task 1:

a. Choose from one of the following stages: pregnancy, infancy and childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age.

b. List the specific nutrition issues affecting individuals in your selected stage.

Task 2:

a. Choose a disease or medical condition that could possibly, or commonly, affect your individual. This could be anything ranging from diabetes to cirrhosis.

b. Using the ABCDs of nutritional assessment, create a case study based on an actual client or patient. You can also make one up. Include the following in your case study:

(i). Anthropometrics, relevant biochemical tests, clinical assessment, and dietary intake analysis.

c. Be sure to include a list of common medications that may be used to treat your patient's condition and identify potential herb/nutrient/drug interactions that may be relevant.

d. Identify your client's cultural background and give clues as to their socioeconomic status and psychosocial variables. For example, your patient may be a senior living alone on a fixed income or might be living in a nursing facility with reputed staff.

Task 3:

a. Create a nutritional care plan for your client. This will include an evaluation of nutritional risk, a list of interventions, and a list of expected

b. List the goals of medical nutrition therapy for your patient and suggest an appropriate diet. Does your patient/client require a dietary modification of their regular diet? Are enteral feedings by tube necessary? If so, what formula will you use and why? Describe your recommended method of administration.

Task 4:

a. Describe your nutrition education teaching session with your patient and/or their family. What teaching methods will you use (explanation, discussion, demonstration, handouts, etc.)? In your own words, write a paragraph detailing three specific points that you will need to teach your patient about his/her new diet. In addition, give at least one tip to avoid potential herb/nutrient/drug interactions.

Reference no: EM131256270

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