List the required maintenance routines or security measures

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Executive Summary

Compose a high-level summary of the Systems Implementation Plan that you are presenting to Verbania. The purpose of this section is to provide your client with an easy-to-read description of the project, describing what it will mean for the company.

Final Insights From Capstone Project

• Describe how the team successfully collaborated to develop a cohesive and comprehensive solution.

• Identify the best practices, techniques, and technologies employed throughout the process.

• Specify benefits to Verbania resulting from this solution.

• Discuss your areas of strengths while contributing to this project.

• Summarize areas of growth uncovered during this capstone project.

System Implementation and Maintenance Framework

• List system implementation milestones that Verbania can expect for this project.

• Provide user training needs and specific training information.

• List the required maintenance routines or security measures that will ensure the long term success of the solution.

• Prepare 3-4 pages covering details regarding system implementation and maintenance framework. Insert this information into Section Five of the template. Submit the complete document containing all elements of the activities as an individual assignment.

Reference no: EM131122472

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