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Assignment- Interactive Media Skills Report


The objectives for this assignment are, to:

• Identify the Multimedia / Interactive Media skills required by industry.

• Develop research skills in the multimedia and interactive media industries

• Develop written communication skills

Assignment Outline:

You will create a report that identifies your current perception, and the actual industry requirements in regards to the skills needed for employment in the Multimedia/Interactive media industry. In order to produce the report you will need to complete the following tasks outlined below.


1) My View of the Industry: In your first practical class you were asked to "identify 5 main skills that you think would be important to have if you were going for a job in the Interactive Media industry".

• List the five skills that your group came up with. (Note: Make sure that you list who was in your group, to ensure that you are acknowledging all those to contributed ideas within your group.)

• Identify why you believe each skill is important to the Interactive Media Industry.

(You should provide 1--2 sentences for each skill)

• Provide an example, for each of the 5 skills. E.g. How you think that skill would be used within the industry.

2) Current Jobs: Review current Job advertisements (from both online and print based resources) and select 3 Job advertisements that relate to the Interactive Media Industry.

• Provide the title and a brief overview/summary for each of the 3 advertisements that you selected. E.g. the companies name, their main business (what they do), what is the job about, what tasks would you need to perform according to the advertisement etc.

• You will need to provide a full reference for the advertisements in the Harvard style of referencing. (Note: This referencing style is outlined in the "Guide to assignment writing and referencing", there is a link to this guide in the Assessment Folder of CloudDeakin.)

• You are also required to include a copy of the ‘actual job advertisement', in an Appendix section at the end of your assignment. (Note: Job advertisements are not listed forever; therefore it is a good idea to take a copy of the advertisements at the time you view it.)

3) Industry Skills: From the 3 Job advertisements that you have selected you need to review the skills that are listed within the job advertisement. Create a list of the skills required for the 3 jobs that you have selected.

• You should acknowledge which job advertisement that each skill came from. If a skill is mentioned in more than one advertisement you do not need to list it twice (or three times) simple identify that the skills has appeared in more than one job ad.

4) Top 5 Industry Skills: From the list of skills that you now have from your 3 Job pick the 5 most important skills that industry requires. To identify your top 5 skills start by looking at the skills mentioned in more than one advertisement. For each of your top 5 skills complete the following tasks:

• Provide an appropriate definition for the skills.

o For example: an inappropriate definition would be: "Digital Images" - being able to work with electronic photos.

o Rather you need to identify the skills required; therefore an appropriate definition would be something like: "Digital Images" - the ability to
manipulate an image of either vector or bitmap format, and output it in the appropriate format for the delivery medium. Standard programs that enable the editing and creation of digital images include: Photoshop, Gimp, Illustrator, Paint, etc.

• Provide an example of how you think the skills would be used with the industry.

• Briefly describe how you think you will acquire/learn each of the industry-required skills. E.g. within your degree, short course, online tutorials, etc.

5) Skill Comparison: Compare the list of 5 skills your group created and the list of the top 5 skills that you have extracted from the 3 job advertisements that you have selected for this assignment task. Are there any skills that appear on both lists?

• Identify the skills that you have on both lists.

• Make a statement about why you think your have similar skills (3-5 skills the same) or different skills (under 2 skills the same) on your lists.

Reference no: EM13849987

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