List out items that must certified by corporate management

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what are the characteristics of fraud, and how does the suspicion of fraud in a company affect an auditor's client acceptance or continuance decision?

List the items that must be certified by corporate management in accordance with the provisions of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Discuss how these responsibilities have likely changed the period-to-period activities of the certifying managers.

Reference no: EM13124862

Calculate rooneys total bill

Rooney Small Engine Repair charges $42 per hour of labor. It has a material loading percentage of 40%. On a recent job replacing the engine of a riding lawnmower, Rooney worke

Describe why the interest rate for the loan

Describe why the interest rate for the loan that needs a review report is lower than that for the loan that did not require a review. Describe why the interest rate for the

Find the cumulative markup percent

The opening inventory for the boys department on March 1 $150,0000 at cost and $260,000 at retail. During the month , the department received merchandise that cost $95,000 wit

Compute cash flow from operations in statement of cash flow

Will the adjustment to net income for deferred taxes to compute cash flow from operations in the statement of cash flows result in an addition or a subtraction for 2007? For

Which option will maximize the familys after-tax wealth

Roy decides to buy a personal residence, and he goes to the bank for a $150,000 loan. The bank tells Roy that he can borrow the funds at 4% if his father will guarantee the de

The income from the second job increase her tax liability

Miley, a single taxpayer, plans on reporting $32,350 of taxable income this year (all of her income is from a part-time job). She is considering applying for a second part-tim

Calculate watsons book gain on the exchange

Watson, a calendar year corporation, reported $1,250,000 net income before tax on its financial statements prepared in accordance with GAAP. During the year, Watson exchanged

Calculate the labor efficiency variance for servicing

Given the per-unit labor standard set, would you expect a favorable or an unfavorable labor efficiency? Explain. Calculate the labor efficiency variance for servicing the fi


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