List and explain these forms of ego-defense
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Directions: Read the questions below and provide a thorough response in your own words using proper APA guidelines for formatting and citations. Your answer to each question should be at least one page in length. Please provide examples from the textbook, if applicable.

1. In this module, you recognized the process of dealing with unsavory situations and images of subjects who make use of an ego-protection system designed to protect those images if they come under attack. Explain how you would handle these types of situations in order to achieve a successful outcome.

2. All defense mechanisms have qualities in common that involve the use of deception and the eleven different forms of ego-defense mechanisms. List and explain these forms of ego-defense.

3. The stress-response states are merely the "disguise of reality". Describe how an interviewer recognizes the stress-response states and how to shatter the "disguise of reality" that they produce.

4. Compare and contrast several types of crimes and the criminals associated with them. Explain the proper approach and methods of interrogation that are required in each case.

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