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Hospitals and doctors are always looking for ways to make surgery safer.  You represent a 3-D printer company.  You know that 3D printed surgical guides used by doctors prior to operations reduce surgery time and resulting infection rates.  You have been asked to present a written proposal for a 3-D printer to New York University hospital.  List and describe the five parts that need to be included in the written proposal.

Reference no: EM13716693

Question of data interpretation

The question of data interpretation is not fully resolved in business today. Someone must still look at the data and decide what they really mean. Often this is done by the

Components of consumption spending

According to the Keynesian model, what are the two components of consumption spending? What factors determine how consumption changes when real disposable income changes? Ex

Fiscal policy in the united states

You are now responsible for fiscal policy in the United States. Your economic advisers are telling you that the economy has been pushed beyond the long run aggregate supply

Three buyer concerns

Many buyers' concerns revolve around a need for the product, the price of the product, and/or time ("I want to think it over"). How might you negotiate these three buyer con

Using technology has this enhanced communication

There are numerous ways to create documents for work - written by hand with the support of technology and even verbally. For documents generated using technology has this en

What advantages and disadvantages do you think ebay offers

Write a 200-word paragraph addressing the following: Briefly describe how eBay works. What advantages and disadvantages do you think eBay offers to small-scale sellers and l

Determining the company annual sales

Zucha Corporation has an inventory period of 55 days, an accounts receivable (A/R) period of 6 days, and an accounts payable (A/P) period of 3 days. The company's annual sal

Explain an organizational decision problem

Show an organizational decision problem and explain how to make a decision using the Normative Decision Model and show five potential solutions to corruption.


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