Liquid in a tube varies with tube diameter

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The capillary rise, h, of a liquid in a tube varies with tube diameter, d, gravity, g, fluid density, p, surface tension, Y, and the contact angle, B. (a) Find the dimensionless form of this statement. (b) If h = 3 [cm] in a given experiment, what will h be in a similar case if the diameter and surface tension are half as much, density is twice as much and the contact angle remains the same?

Reference no: EM13701677

Compute the required development length

Determine the required development length ld from the point of maximum stress in the bars. Specify the minimum required side cover. Shrinkage and temperature steel is not sh

Estimate the drag force on the baseball

A logging boat is towing a log that is 2 m in diameter and 8 m long at 4 m/s through water. Estimate the power required if the axis of the log is parallel to the tow directi

Volume flow rate of air at the inlet

Air enters a 28-cm diameter pipe steadily at 200 kPa and 20°C with a velocity of 5 m/s. Air is heated as it flows, and leaves the pipe at 180 kPa and 40°C. Determine

Ideal gas model for the air and variable specific heats

Air at 300 kPa, 63oC, and a velocity of 423 m/s enters an insulated duct of varying cross-sectional area. The air exits at 150 kPa, 88oC. At the inlet, the cross-sectional are

How is the temperature changing

First stage is heating up the material. We will have cylindrical billet that is setting in a die and we heat it up. Heat coming in from anywhere else. How is the temperature

Tennis coach needs a better tennis ball serve for practice

The tennis coach needs a better tennis ball serve for practice. This device must fire a sequence of standard tennis balls ball from one side of  a standard tennis court

Two well-insulated tanks filled with carbon monoxide

Two well-insulated tanks filled with carbon monoxide (CO) gas are connected by a valve. In tank A, 1 kg of gas is stored at 100 kPa and 300 K. In tank B, 5 kg of gas are store

Incorporating fine particles of tungsten carbide

1. The mechanical properties of cobalt may be improved by incorporating fine particles of tungsten carbide (WC). Given that the mod- uli of elasticity of these materials are


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