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Assume that you work for an organisation in which participating in systemic advocacy is a routine part of your work role. Description of how you will establish your representative role and the representative process that will be followed. This section of the report should identify:

Who will be represented (this might be a consumer group, the mental health or AOD industry or a particular community group)

What the scope, scale and parameters of your role as representative will be and what lines of reporting and accountability will be.

How you will evaluate your advocacy strategy

Reference no: EM13941676

How much in resources does coffeeshop have to work with

How much in resources does CoffeeShop have to work with? How much does CoffeeShop owe creditors? How much of the company's assets do the CoffeeShop stockholders actually own?

Adjusting entry for uncollectible accounts

An analysis of accounts receivable suggests that the allowance for uncollectible accounts should be 3% of accounts receivable. The amount of the adjusting entry for uncollec

Describe the lifo double extension method

Describe the LIFO double-extension method. Using the following information compute the index at December 31, 2010, applying the double-extension method to a LIFO pool consisti

Amount for consolidated financial statements

Required: Based on the above information, compute the amounts that should appear in the consolidated financial statements prepared for Barnes Company and it subsidiary, Dean C

Prepare a partial income statement under each method

Prepare a partial income statement under each method of inventory: (a) average cost, (b) FIFO, (c) LIFO, and (d) specific identification. For specific identification, assume t

A set of building blocks to customers

Wynn Company offers a set of building blocks to customers who send in 3 UPC codes from Wynn cereal, along with 50¢. The block sets cost Wynn $1.10 each to purchase and 60¢ e

Research suggests that strategic management

Strategic management is that set of managerial decisions and actions that determine the long-run performance of a corporation. Which one of the following is NOT one of the b

Assume the same relevant range

Compute the total production costs if total manufacturing costs are $ 170,000 when 15,000 packages are produced. On this amount, total variable cost are $80,000. What are


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