Libertarianism-liberalism or communitarianism

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Pick one of the political approaches (Libertarianism, Liberalism, or Communitarianism) and demonstrate why you believe it would be the most unjust of the three approaches for a centralized government,

Reference no: EM131165605

Product strategy-pricing and distribution

Marketing information is critical throughout the product life cycle. The marketing function also plays an essential role in determining pricing and distribution for products

Face report summaries

Pick two FACE reports and do the following in a maximum of 2 pages per report (i.e total of 4 pages for both reports; note: do NOT pick the FACE reports covered in class):

Construct a time series plot

1. Construct a time series plot. What type of pattern exists? 2. Develop a forecast for the next month using the naïve last-value method. 3. Develop a forecast for the next mo

How a lot of employees cheat a little at work

How a Lot of Employees Cheat a Little at Work. Take your inspiration from Dan Ariely's Ted Talk, "Our Buggy Moral Code" and concepts from Chapters 1-4 to create a Slideshare

Problem regarding the market risk premium

The risk-free rate of return is currently 0.05, whereas the market risk premium is 0.05. If the beta of RKP, Inc., stock is 1.9, then what is the expected return on RKP?

Typically within the control of the organization

Use both research and your personal experience to develop a SWOT analysis of your college or university (your school's website is almost certainly a rich source of information

Company use political information to make decisions

In the state of Tennessee, can a company use political information to make decisions about people? Should employers be restricted in their use of Web-based information to ma

Describe project execution challenges uncertain environment

Describe four project execution challenges inherent in working within dynamic, uncertain environments. Invent three motivational tools that project leaders can use during th


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