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You were asked to choose a quality-improvement standard within health care to discuss. This standard could be related to credentialing, patient safety, utilization management services, home health care, or long-term care. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation of 6-8 slides that will display the following information:

Define and explain the quality process you chose.

Define descriptive versus inferential statistics. If you were to survey your members, describe the form of the 4 levels of measurement that would be suited for your task (i.e. nominal, interval, ordinal, and ratio).


Identify the purpose of the measure.

Illustrate how patients or members have benefited or will benefit from the process.


Identify which types of health care organizations are impacted by the standard.

Based on your knowledge of the standard being discussed, provide 1-3 changes that you might recommend. If you do not have any recommendations, then provide your reasons for not having a recommendation.

Reference no: EM13734839

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