Legitimate interests in restricting the speech of employees

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1. In your own words, do employers have legitimate interests in restricting the speech of employees? What is the legal standard for determining whether a government employer unlawfully restricts an employee’s speech?

2. Should all or any negotiated agreements be subject to public ratification votes by citizens of the jurisdiction and/or by the state of the jurisdiction? If yes and the tentative agreement is rejected, what process should be followed? If no, why not?

3. In your own words, should any public employee group have the right to strike? If yes, which groups should have the right and which groups should not? If no, why not?

Reference no: EM132280766

Provide a definition of stakeholder

Provide a definition of a stakeholder. Give some examples of stakeholders generically or use the organization for whom you work (or within which you study. Pretend you're a ma

What are different dimensions of transformational leadership

Compare and contrast transformational and charismatic types of leadership and cite examples of business leaders who fit into each type. what are the different dimensions of tr

Illustrate what will new service probability be

Suppose production manager is told to reduce safety stock of this item by 100 units. If this is done, illustrate what will new service probability be. Solve this problem.

Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the supply chai

1.Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the supply chain used in the Japanese auto industry before the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.2.Evaluate whether or not Toyota's

Theories of motivation

The purpose of this assignment is to apply the motivation and job satisfaction theories to a specific situation. Describe the theories and key assumptions on what motivates pe

Discuss the different types of turnover

Identify and discuss the different types of turnover. Explain the impact each has on managing the workforce. What downsizing target methods do you fell are the most effective?

Utilizing the HEDIS measures

A family physician sees approximately 29 patients per day (Gottschalk and Flocke 2005, 490-491). Of these 29 patients per day, 5 are Medicaid patients and 3 of those Medicaid

Compare and contrast the different types of barriers

Compare and contrast the different types of barriers that might be used to protect openings in a floor at a production facility. What factors should an engineer take into acco


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