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Harry and Sally are friends who live in the same house. They have and understanding that if either of them buys a winning lottery ticket they will share the money. One day Sally buys a ticket which wins $100,000 in prize money. Sally insists that since she bought the ticket, she doesn't have to share the money.

1. What is the legal issue in this case scenario?

2. On which case is this scenario based?

3. What is the presumption of the law?

4. Explain how this presumption can be rebutted

5. What must be proven for the money to be shared and who bears the onus of proving this?

6. What is the likely outcome of this case scenario?

Additional Information:

This question belongs to the Law and it is about two friends Harry and Sally who live in the same house and come to an understanding to share money, if at all any one of them purchases and ticket and wins. Sally purchases a lottery ticket and wins the amount, but she doesn't want to share the money. The solution provides case studies and tests whether or not legality of enforceable contract in this case exists.

Total Word Limit: 777 Words

Reference no: EM13825537

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