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True false/ Questions

84. Applicant flow statistics require the calculation of selection rates for groups and the subsequent comparison of those rates to determine if they are significantly different from each other.

85. According to the Uniform Guidelines for Employee Selection Procedures (UGESP), comparisons of selection rates among groups should be based on the 70% rule.

86. When assessing adverse impact, the law prohibits taking sample size into account.

87. Investigation of applicant stock statistics is also known as "utilization analysis."

88. Adverse impact statistics are very stable sample estimates of the amount of adverse impact occurring in an organization.

89. The use of standardized measurement eliminates the possibility of adverse impact occurring.

90. The Uniform Guidelines in Employee Selection procedures indicates that when a selection procedure shows adverse impact, the organization must either eliminate it or justify it through presentation of validity evidence.

Multiple Choice Questions

91. The Uniform Guidelines in Employee Selection procedures require the calculation of selection rates for ________.
A. every disability category currently assessed
B. each job category
C. the population at large
D. all of the above

92. Applicant flow statistics require the calculation of ________.
A. selection rates for the groups under analysis
B. interview rates for the groups under analysis
C. rejection rates for the groups under analysis
D. range scores for the groups under analysis

93. Applicant stock statistics for groups under analysis require calculation of percentages for _________.
A. unemployed workers
B. measures of content validity
C. availability in the population
D. the reliability of a measure

External Selection Preliminary Issues

True false/ Questions

1. External selection refers to the assessment and evaluation of external job applicants.

2. Cost should not be used to guide the choice of initial assessment methods.

3. Job analysis sometimes finds that seemingly unrelated jobs may have more in common than would be expected by relying just on job titles.

4. The logic of prediction indicates that a point-to-point comparison needs to be made between requirements of the job to be filled and the qualifications of the job applicants.

5. A power test is used when the speed of work is an important part of the job.

6. The first step in developing a selection plan is to list relevant KSAOs associated with a job.

7. The process of translating the results of a job analysis into actual predictors to be used for selection is known as a discriminant validity study.

8. Organizations are increasingly finding that the costs of developing a selection plan outweigh the benefits.

9. A finalist is someone who has not yet received an offer, but who possesses the minimum qualifications to be considered for further assessment.

10. Contingent methods mean that the job offer is subject to certain qualifications, such as the offer receiver passing a medical exam or a drug test.

Multiple Choice Questions

11. Within the context of the selection process, the "logic of prediction" means that:
A. indicators of an applicant's future performance are predictive of likely job performance
B. indicators of a person's degree of success in past situations should be predictive of future job success
C. predictors of job performance are correlated with KSAOs
D. indicators of job outcomes can be used to predict job performance

12. Which of the following is necessary for the logic of prediction to work in practice for selecting employees?
A. the organization has adopted a thorough competency modeling approach
B. qualifications carry over from one job to another
C. that each candidate is assessed based on his or her unique experiences
D. anonymous periodic reviews of applicant files to ensure accuracy

13. If the correctness of a response is essential for a job, then a(n) ________ test should be used.
A. essay
B. speed
C. power
D. objective

14. Essay tests are best used to assess ___________ skills.
A. oral communication
B. written communication
C. interpersonal
D. none of the above

15. The most accurate description of the basic purpose of a selection plan is ______________.
A. a selection plan determines the means for attracting qualified job applicants
B. a selection plan matches applicants to outcome criteria
C. a selection plan describes predictors to be used to assess KSAOs required to perform the job
D. a selection plan consists of interview rating criteria

16. The strength of the relationship between a predictor and performance is called ________.
A. reliability
B. validity
C. utility
D. instrumentality

17. Most initial assessment methods have _________ validity.
A. moderate to low
B. high to very high
C. moderately high to high
D. moderate

18. Which of the following statements regarding the development of a selection plan is ?
A. The list of KSAOs used in the selection plan are derived from the job requirements matrix
B. The process of developing a selection plan is usually straightforward and can be done quickly
C. One reason KSAOs may be deemed unimportant for selection is because they will be learned on the job
D. Possible methods for assessing every identified job-relevant KSAO need to be developed

Reference no: EM131146316

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