Legal environment of human resource management

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Question about Legal environment of human resource management

What are some common ways employers discriminate in the recruitment process?

What legal claims can be brought against an employer, and what is the basis for each claim?

What actions can an employer take to avoid these legal claims?

Reference no: EM1332561

Summary on the task needs analysis

Prepare a 300 to 400 word summary using th Target Corp to conduct a needs analysis that identifies training objectives and define a measuring system that identifies those ob

Explain competency or skill-based pay systems

What can companies do to ensure internal, external, and individual equity for all employees and show the advantages and disadvantages of competency or skill-based pay systems.

Explain about benefits communication

Does your current organization have a strategy in place to communicate its benefits plan to employees and If so, how effective is it, and what can be done to improve it

Check communication problems

Communications Problems, Solutions and Justifications - Check four to six communication problems that occur in organizations, with brief examples drawn from the student's org

Diversity-oriented recruiting program

What special measures might be necessary for a successful diversity-oriented recruiting effort and explain the conditions under which realistic job previews are and are not ap

Market competitiveness of organization''s pay system

Market Competitiveness Of Organization's Pay System - Propose alternative approaches for organizations which have limited financial resources and outline at least three speci

New products and unique marketer challenges

What should a company consider when attempting to develop a new product and Can you think of some new products that have failed and What do you think were the causes of this

Employee benefits and retirement plans

Describe specific benefit plan objectives - Explain the needs and the basics based upon the size of a given company and Benefits of communication plans and the benefits of suc


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