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You work for a large international corporation. The director of your department has called a meeting to state that the company must always consider international issues when conducting business globally. Safe work environments, fair wages, abuse of child labor, unfair treatment of workers, the environment, and legal business practices are all topics that are unfortunately in the news all too often. Previously, these were problems or issues that were present in the United States. Fortunately, the legal system and regulations, for the most part, have made these issues a thing of the past. However, in many foreign countries, these problems still exist. Societies are bound to repeat their mistakes if they do not learn from the past. Therefore, consider an ethical issue faced by American businesses in the international arena.

Define what should be the legal and ethical reaction of the business community for these types of violations.

If the issue was domestic, construct the proper solution. Describe how conducting business internationally might change your analysis.

Interpret whether we have to consider ethics universally and provide a rationale if ethics apply specifically to practices within a country.

Reference no: EM132183718

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