Learning theory accounts for criminal behavior
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I need help to get this assignment going. I am not expecting the expert to complete this assignment for me but at the same time I am not expecting two paragraphs without a reference either. This is not a college level assignment, it is a graduate level assignment. This assignment is on social learning theory and I was asked to write two pages on the following:

I was asked to select two crimes to which learning theory may be applied and reflect on how the general principles of learning theory may apply to them

- Briefly describe the crimes you selected.

- Explain each crime by applying a specific learning theory, using a different theory for each.

- Explain how the principles of learning theory may be used to account for each crime.

- Explain whether or not you think learning theory accounts for criminal behavior in general and why or why not, using specific examples.

References in APA format will be appreciated and this is a graduate class assignment; the instructor requires more than average writing.

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