Lean came to prominence in the academic literature
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Lean came to prominence in the academic literature during the mid-1980s as a result of the increased curiosity surrounding the ‘secret’ of practical Japanese manufacturing techniques such as Just-In-Time (JIT) and the Toyota Production System (TPS) in particular.  In recent years though, there has been a shift in focus towards the notion of lean thinking and a view of lean within a broader strategic context. Moreover, lean thinking has been implemented within services, healthcare, construction and other industries. Despite this, however, many authors still argue that lean is only truly applicable to large scale production. 

You are asked to provide a critical discussion on the implementation of lean which addresses the following questions:

1) Is there a best way to implement lean? (50%)

2) Are all organisations suitable for lean implementation? (50%) 

You are expected to provide appropriate examples to illustrate your answers.

This coursework should follow a structured approach and should be prepared and presented as a professional business report. You should undertake a relevant literature review that helps inform your investigation. Please also ensure that the Harvard Referencing System is adhered to and fully complied with. 

No of Pages/Words:- 3000 


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Literature Review and Critical Analysis

Executive Summary
The literature review has been presented in context with the concept of lean production. Firstly, before understanding the ways of implementing lean production, it is important to provide a brief overview about the concept. Hence, a brief description has been provided related to lean production. Further ahead, it is important to note that there is a need for considering certain principles when there is implementation of lean production in the organization. Due to the constraints of word limit, the five principles of lean production have been discussed, while there are certain other set of principles as well. Finally, in this literature review, different tools that can be considered by business organization in the implementation of lean production have been identified and discussed. This paper will focus on the following research questions: 1) Is there a best way for the implementation of lean? 2) Do all organizations have the suitability for lean implementation?

Table of Contents
Executive Summary 1
Introduction 3
Literature Review 3
Lean Production 4
Five Basic Principles of Lean Production 4
Tools related to Lean Production 6
Critical Analysis and Evaluation 7
Is there a best way for lean implementation? 8
Do all organizations have the suitability for lean implementation? 9
Conclusion 10
References 11

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