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Leadership studies demonstrate that the most effective leaders know how to draw upon self-leadership skills to in turn motivate and lead others to expand their strengths to ultimately better serve the goals of an organization. For this assignment you will look at a leadership example from contemporary media and evaluate how well the particular leader exemplifies the qualities of effective and ethical leadership. Then, you will compose your own Leadership Philosophy statement to articulate the qualities that will make you an effective leader of people and organizations.

***Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly and the leadership changes announced 2015 and its potential impact on the company.*** This is the topic and leader to be discussed. 

Part 1:

For Part 1, select a relevant and topical leadership issue from the contemporary news media that revolves around ethics and ethical decision making. Topics must be approved by your instructor. Once approved, research the situation and gather data in order to evaluate the dynamics of the situation. Write an evaluation (500-750 words) of the situation that addresses the following:
1.The power bases used by the leader.
2.The influence tactics used by the leader.
3.The leadership style of the leader.
4.The outcome (or potential outcome) of the situation.

Conclude by justifying whether or not you think this leader is effective and if they acted ethically.

Next, imagine yourself as a practitioner of servant leadership. You have been appointed into the leadership role in this same circumstance. Explain how the situation would be different. Address the four criteria listed above in your discussion.

Part 2:

For Part 2, develop a Leadership Philosophy statement as an appendix to your evaluation in Part 1. Begin by reviewing your self-assessments results from Module 2 and reflecting on what you have learned about effective leadership in the course. Keep in mind that one's Leadership Philosophy is a unique statement that encapsulates your own view of leadership so the final product may vary; however, your statement should incorporate the following:
1.Personal values and beliefs that influence your leadership style.
2.Past experiences and/or people that have influenced the development of those values.
3.Expectations of self and others.
4.Leadership style and influence tactics.

Your goal is to create a distinctive statement (250-500 words) that incorporates the above elements. The end product should clearly articulate how you view yourself as a leader and how others would view you as a leader. It should also make clear how you can contribute to the success of other people and an organization as a whole. 

Reference no: EM13803867

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