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Leadership Self-Assessment, Revisited Last week you conducted a personal assessment of your leadership potential and began thinking about your own plan for improving you leadership competency. Revisit your work from last week. Think about the leadership traits, attributes, and behaviors described in this week's reading material and about this week's assignments. 0. What new insights did you gain this week that may cause you to rethink your personal view of your leadership potential or ability? 1. Sometimes the descriptions of leadership attributes seem like a description for a super hero ---- it seems that leaders must have many extremely positive attributes and few, if any, weaknesses. Of course that is nonsense. Every great leader in history was burdened with serious flaws when compared to these ideal descriptions. We are all human beings after all. So, briefly explain one or two of your significant leadership strengths (your version of Superman's X-ray vision) and one or two of your significant weaknesses (your kryptonite). 2. What, if anything, should you change about your personal development plan? Explain.

Reference no: EM131229416

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