Leadership is an exciting area of organizational behavior

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Leadership is an exciting area of organizational behavior, one in which new research is constantly emerging. Three new developments are important to understand: transformational leadership, charismatic leadership and authentic leadership. These three theories can be called inspirational leadership because, in each one followers are inspired by the leader to perform well. In these three theories, which one is most important? why?

Reference no: EM132234293

Determine the uninhibited desires of the employees

Which of the following takes the position that an election should "provide a laboratory in which an experiment may be conducted, under conditions as nearly ideal as possible,

Court-sanctioned programs and motion to revoke

You are a probation officer with a DWI probationer who has not been reporting for any of the court-sanctioned programs, and a motion to revoke (MTR) was supposed to be filed.

Crucial in information technology projects

____ is crucial in information technology projects because once a project team implements a new system, it takes a considerable amount of effort to change the system. The proj

What is the customer service philosophy

What are Ben and Jerry’s strengths related to customer service? What is the customer service philosophy of this organization? In what ways is Ben & Jerry’s listening to their

Is this because people get older they become more concerned

The average age of people on church committees and those serving food at food banks is considerably above the average age of the population. Is this because as people get olde

Cost-benefit analysis in both uncertain and risk environment

Explain the importance and steps of a cost-benefit analysis in both an uncertain and risk environment. What is the difference between a risk environment and an uncertain envir

Number of operational benefits and implementation issues

When Autoliv started its lean journey, a number of operational benefits and implementation issues had to be addressed. What were they, and how were they addressed? A visual ma

Why are information systems vulnerable to destruction-error

Why are information systems vulnerable to destruction, error, and abuse? What are the most common threats against information systems?I need an expert that can answer the ques


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