Leadership behaviors and group dynamics

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Mario had been part of the group since the first night, and although he was always ready to do his part, he was not considered a leader. He felt strongly that the group should continue taking on civic issues and working together. They could continue to make things happen. He wanted to present this idea to the Pizza Club. Everyone was surprised when he asked them to meet in two weeks because he had a proposal for them to consider. He remembered that Alex had all the contact information of the members who worked on the different projects. He notified everyone on all the lists. Then he became very nervous about presenting his idea. He knew there would be people there who had not been there for a while and they might even bring new people. He knew that there was a risk that the evening would become social and he would not be able to present his idea. He had never tried to lead a focused discussion but was committed to the idea. Mario emailed you and asked for advice on how to plan for the meeting. Respond to Mario and help him prepare for the meeting. Give him specific steps to take. Include what leadership behaviors he might use to move the group toward the goal. Approximately 300–350 words

Reference no: EM13144440

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