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In relation to Leadership and Performance Management as a professional,  review the below questions and create a 6-7 page write-up outlining the responses to the below questions. 

1) Include an analysis and key learnings about successful leadership .  What makes a good leader? What contributes to a bad leader and bad habits of them?

2) Expand on the below and why each are important when in leadership roles.

  • Models of Leadership
  • Personal Values
  • Leadership Vision
  • Personality Dimensions
  • Motivation

3) Present an overall summary of your analysis and key learnings.   Be sure to analyze concepts such as team leadership, mention and provide examples on the 4 stages of team development, mention and provide rationale on the 6 components of effective leadership (missions, roles, systems, communication, relationship, and leadership), the emotional intelligence of teams, conflict resolution strategies, corporate culture, active learning modes, generation differences to leadership, keys to effective listening and providing feedback. Also, talk about diversity in the workplace and the different layers (organizational, personality, internal dimensions -age, race sex, and external dimensions) and how leaders can effectively manage that.

4)  Answer questions such as: (note that you can provide examples (no more than 3) of some leaders that are examples of good and bad leaders)

  • What do you think that a leader should do to continue their development as a leader?
  • What do you think that an organization should do to help their leaders grow and develop?
  • What are some common challenges that leaders face/have faced?

5) Summarize and provide final recommendations for successful leadership strategies.

Reference no: EM131170817

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