Leader of the effort lacked enthusiasm about it

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Have you ever been involved in an effort in which you felt that the leader of the effort lacked enthusiasm about it? If so, how did this impact the result? If not, discuss why you think it is important for the person in charge in a given situation to set the tone.

Reference no: EM131159325

Development of the team in terms of the five-phase model

Reflect upon the projects completed in your CLC team. Analyze the development of the team in terms of the five-phase model or the punctuated equilibrium model. Choose the mode

Blend of proactive and reactive strategy elements

A company's strategy is deliberately kept under wraps by top-level managers so as to catch rival companies by surprise and keep them off-balance. A portion of a company's stra

Evaluate the business-level strategy of victory motorcycles

Make recommendations for improving this strategy as well as describing any challenges you foresee in executing those recommendations. Provide specific examples to support yo

Unique selling proposition-what makes your business unique

Critical Path You have been asked to develop a marketing plan for your company's new product line. How will your marketing plan support your business goals? Unique Selling Pro

Ability to develop brand as source of competitive advantage

Do ethical practices affect a firm’s ability to develop brand as a source of competitive advantage? If so, how does this happen? Can you think of brands that are a source of c

Compute the average time a student spends

Compute the average time a student spends in the waiting line. Students have complained to the registrar about the length of time they must wait to have their schedules appr

Terms of a contract in a country

How do you enforce the terms of a contract in a country that has an unstable government or where the laws contradict or at a minimum, do not support all the terms in your co

The potential drawbacks of a tow tier structure

To the degree job growth (and increased car sales that come from more competitive labor costs) is based on two tier wage structures, how sustainable is this approach? What are


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