Leader effectiveness in motivating subordinates

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1. What is the most accurate statement influence objective in different directions?

a. attempts to change the way the work is done occur most often with peers

b. attempts to get a person to do a task better or faster occur most often with subordinates

c. attempts to obtain resources and political support occur most often with peers

d. attempts to obtain personal benefits occur most often with subordinates

2. Which two kinds of power have been found to be related most strongly to leader effectiveness in motivating subordinates?

a. expert and referent power

b. reward and referent power

c. expert and legitimate power

d. reward and expert power

3. Control over information is likely to give a manager power over.

a. subordinates

b. subordinates and peers

c. peers and superiors

d. peers, superiors, and subordinates

4. Which of the following is not an example of resistance?

a. carry out the request with only the minimum necessary effort

b. delay taking action to see if the agent is serious about the request

c. tell the agent why you are too busy now to carry out the request

d. appeal to a higher authority to rescind or change the request

5. If a leader's innovative proposal results in failure, the most unfavorable evaluatin of the leader will occur when the group believes:

a. the leader exercised poor judgment in making such a radical proposal

b. the leader was motivated primarily by self interests

c. the leader made unrealistic assumptions about the capabilities of the group

d. the leader failed to anticipate the likely reaction by competitors or enemies

Reference no: EM13900541

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